SNSKC junior students

Chris and Steve with sensei Frank Brennan, 7th Dan

Steve with sensei Simon Oliver, 6th Dan

Alan, Sarah, Chris and Steve with Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan

Steve, Sarah and Phil attend a KUGB Instructors Seminar at Brighton dojo

Alan, Mark, Dan and Sam at the Nationals

Alan, Steve and Dan at the Nationals

Evan White achieves 1st Dan at Egham

SNSKC students attend a seminar with Sensei Kawasoe at Colchester

Ellie with sensei Andy Sherry and Frank Brennan on achieving 1st Dan

The lads!!

SNSKC students attend a seminar with sensei Leroy Blake

SNSKC train with Senseis John Bruce and Holly Sterling and Chelmsford KC

Sensei Lee demonstrates grappling techniques

Hollies Kyu Grade Competition

Chris attains 1st Dan


June 13th 2009 – SNSKC perform a demonstration at Newton Green Fete

May 24th 2009 – Training with Sensei Simon Oliver 6th Dan JKR at Haverhill

Alan practicing

Sensei Oliver demonstrating takedown

Steve taking down David

Alan applying pressure

Sensei Oliver demonstrating OYO in Heian Yondan on David

Sensei Simon and Steve

Alan attacking

Steve practising Oyo application moves
March 14th 2009 – SNSKC attend Kyu Grade Competition at the Hollies Club, Ipswich

February 8th 2009 – David, Sarah and Steve attend the Black/Brown Belt course in Chesterfield

October 12th 2008 – Steve and David attend Sensei Terry O’Neill’s Nunchuku Course at the Zanshin Dojo , Nottingham

March 29th – Sensei Heal congratulates Andy for passing Nidan at Bath

Andy receiving licence from Sensei Andy Sherry, 8th Dan

Andy congratulated by Sensei Andy Sherry, 8th Dan

December 1st – Steve passes Nidan at Reading
Receiving licence from Sensei Andy Sherry, 8th Dan

Steve with Sensei Andy Sherry 8th Dan & Sensei Frank Brennan, 7th Dan

November 17th ’07 – Steve, Andy, Kevin & Sarah at Windsor with Kancho Kanazawa 10th Dan, Diazo Kanazawa 4th Dan & Fumitoshi Kanazawa 4th Dan

Fumitoshi & Diazo Kanazawa demonstrating

Andy gets asked by Kanazawa to demonstrate his jiyu ippon kumite

SNSKC students with Fumitoshi Kanazawa 4th Dan

October 18th ’07 – Steve & Andy at the Red Triangle Club with Sensei Sherry